Cage Match 2013: The Bracket Revealed!


Bloodthirsty and riotous, slayers and killers and sayers of woe: Your Cage Match 2013 bracket awaits. Look upon these brave souls as Caesar once looked upon the gladiators of the Colosseum: They fight for your amusement and live and die at your command. Air! Earth! Fire! Water! It is appropriate that our warriors are divided among four elements, for killing is the most elemental act of all.

We first gave you a glimpse at your Cage Match 2013 contestants, and now the next part of the proceedings: The Bracket Reveal. Here’s who will be pitted against who in the tournament of the year, broken out into the four elemental divisions. Check out the full bracket above (point and click to enlarge), or peruse our contestants by division, below. Matches will commence in early March.

Check out the matches and then vote, all here.


Unbound Worlds-Air-thumb-Bracket-CageMatch2013

Unbound Worlds-Fire-thumb-Bracket-CageMatch2013

Unbound Worlds-Earth-thumb-Bracket-CageMatch2013

Unbound Worlds-Water-thumb-Bracket-CageMatch2013