Geeking Out to Vine?


I’m kind of a social media addict. Okay, I’m a huge social media addict. I’m a Twitter Critter extraordinaire. I’m a Facebookasaurus. I’m a Youtubing, Podcasting, Redditing machine. My latest obsession is Vine, an app that allows you to film and share short videos. You’ve got a limit of six seconds, but the limit is part of the charm. It’s kind of like video haiku: What can you communicate in just a little bit of space? The economy of the format shapes the product.

Vine is a point and shoot app: It keeps filming as long as you keep your finger on the “button”. This lends itself to the easy creation of video montages and – most importantly for my nerdish mind – stop-motion animation. (What? Are you surprised that a guy raised on Ray Harryhausen films would be into stop-motion?) Today it occurred to me that I could use this format to create a short film inspired by one of my favorite literary villains: Dracula.

That burst of inspiration lasted about a minute until I realized that I didn’t have anything around that would enable me to impersonate the Count. However, I did have a rubber cockroach at my desk, so I did what I think the next best thing: I did a six second film inspired by Dracula’s henchman Renfield.

The film is here. I thought it was fun to do, but I can’t be the only guy doing this.

Are any of you folks creating SF/F horror stuff on Vine? If so, I’d LOVE to see your films! Leave me a link below!