Krewe of Morpheus Brings the Power of the Dark Side to Mardi Gras


Greetings from Mardi Gras, Unbound Worlds dolls! I’m knee-deep in beads and consuming all the seafood and brew I can get, but I’m still looking out for the coolest in geekery I can find in the Crescent City.

Fandom’s finest was on parade in the Krewe of Morpheus during Saturday night’s procession. Bead-flingers rode massive floats themed around Spider-man, Batman, and in my opinion the coolest of all, Star Wars. Imagine my surprise when I saw a giant Darth Vader ambling down the streets of old New Orleans! The Dark Lord of the Sith rose above the crowd, commanding an ominous presence among the carnival revelers. I was busy catching “thows” but I knew I had to capture a picture of this for you, Unbound Worlds readers. Enjoy!