New Blu-ray Release: Game of Thrones: Season 2



Season 2 of HBO’s Game of Thrones is now on sale!!

I am particularly excited about this. I stopped watching the season after the first few episodes due to a particularly blood-thirsty break-up with my viewing partner. At the time, I felt like Ned Stark…

But I’m healed now like Tyrion’s face and I’m excited to dive back in, to finish the season and be completely prepared for Season 3!! That’s right. I haven’t seen the Battle of Blackwater. I can’t wait to watch it! I see previews of the massive wildfire explosion and it looks fantastic! I know George R. R. Martin actually wrote that episode, so I’m interested to see what he could do given the semi-limited budget he had to bring that particular battle to life.

Then there is what’s happening off screen. HBO has renewed its contract with George which also included the writer’s inclusion in a number of other projects. Could a Dunk & Egg television series be far behind? Or maybe Robert’s Rebellion? Or one of his other works?

Here is what George said about it:

Tuf (Voyaging) would be fun. Dunk and Egg are being discussed. Robert’s Rebellion is part of Ice & Fire, won’t be a separate series. Sandkings was done by the OUTER LIMITS; I retain feature film rights, but television rights are gone.

HBO is always pushing the envelope. Might be fun to see what else they can adapt. I know that Neil Gaiman has a stake in HBO developing American Gods. Personally, I’d love a Dunk & Egg series. So many Ice & Fire fans have no idea about the prequel stories. I really enjoy them, probably because they are stand alone stories that have an overall narrative.

For today though, Season 2 of Game of Thrones is out on the DVD!

Winter is…