UK & US Covers: Witch Wraith by Terry Brooks


brooks-witch WITCH WRAITH_R.indd

On March 12th, Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks publishes. It is Book Two in the Dark Legacy of Shannara, a trilogy that redefines the Four Lands and completes a trilogy of trilogies that began with Ilse Witch in 2000.

Terry has gotten ahead of his publishing schedule though and the the third book quickly follows Bloodfire Quest. It is titled Witch Wraith and it publishes in July 2013. That’s right. Just four months after Bloodfire!

Both Del Rey Books and Orbit Books have released their respective covers for Witch Wraith. Del Rey publishes Terry in the US and Orbit takes care of UK publication. As you can see, Del Rey went with a set of new Elfstones. Orbit took a very different route, choosing to feature a dragon skull.

Having already read Witch Wraith, I can say both work for the story! I will definitely own both books.

What do you think of the covers?