Upcoming Reddit Author Conversations


brett-daylightTonight, I am taking part in an Ask Me Anything event on Reddit.

I’m not the only person affiliated with Del Rey Books who is opening up and allowing fantasy fans to ask questions on a variety of topics. Tomorrow night, Peter V. Brett will be on the site taking questions about his new book, The Daylight War, along with any other crazy-ass questions you guys can come up with! Peat is always great fun in chat and he draws some fantasy celebrities so it should make for an awesome time.

And in March, Terry Brooks will be partaking in an AMA event as well. Bloodfire Quest, Book Two in the Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, publishes on March 12 so Terry will be taking questions on March 11 before he begins his tour!

And yes, you can ask him why he ended up with such a jerk webmaster!

That would be me, in case you didn’t know!

Here is my introduction for tonight:

Hi Reddit Readers! I’m Shawn Speakman, fantasy writer and webmaster for bestselling authors Terry Brooks and Naomi Novik! I also own The Signed Page, one of the best places online to get signed/personalized books. My debut novel, The Dark Thorn, is recently published and my fantasy anthology, Unfettered, is forthcoming in May 2013!

The Dark Thorn is a hybrid of epic and urban fantasy, fast-paced and a bit dark. Most readers seem to liken it to a cross between Terry Brooks’s Word/Void trilogy and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. One of my characters, a fairy named Snedeker, is a snarky little prick that many of you here on Reddit might like. The first nine chapters of The Dark Thorn are available on the Grim Oak Press website.

Unfettered, on the other hand, has an unusual history behind it. In 2011, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma, a cancer. Those who know me weren’t worried; I’m an absolute bastard when it comes to things like this and I wasn’t going anywhere. I didn’t have health insurance though — being a freelance writer — and quickly accrued a massive medical debt throughout surgeries and treatment. Rather than declare medical bankruptcy as so many would, I talked to my friend and mentor Terry Brooks about a possible project. He offered to donate me a short story. He also told me to contact my other writer friends.

And that’s what I did. Rothfuss. Sanderson. Williams. Novik. Grossman. Salvatore. Brett. Hearne. Carey. The list goes on and on! To see that list and the cover art, click here! Soon, I had almost two dozen writers donating short stories to Unfettered, the proceeds from which go toward ending that medical debt!

And in return, you guys get one badass anthology!

So ask me anything here! I’m up for it. Ask about Terry. Ask about cancer. Ask about The Dark Thorn or its forthcoming sequel, The Everwinter Wraith. Or Unfettered. Or my favorite books/writers. Or why bald men do it better — and by that, I mean writing. Looking at you Blake & Tad. Ha!

I will be back at 7PM Central to answer questions.

Bring it!

Click HERE to ask your own questions of me. And don’t forget Peter V. Brett is tomorrow night!

Let the games begin!