Video: Rothfuss, Brett, Carey & Redick on Sex In Fantasy



I love Patrick Rothfuss and that amazing technicolor dreamcoat beard of his.

That said, I love what he is doing with Storyboard. He is bringing on other professional writers in a round table discussion ala Charlie Rose and discussing various topics once a month in a live video Google Hangout that includes questions from the audience from time to time.

This month, he brought in Jacqueline Carey (Dark Currents), Peter V. Brett (The Daylight War), and Robert V. S. Redick (The Night of the Swarm. All of them are some of my favorite writers.

The topic? Writing Fantastic Sex! I think that’s a topic we can all agree to watch! Here is the video playback of this wonderfully titillating topic (see what I did there?)!

Enjoy and share! Some great advice there for burgeoning writers having difficulty tackling this difficult topic in their own writing!

More soon…

  • ian

    The book that was discussed where it went from story line to soft core porn with the vampires/werewolves/humans having poly-amorous sex happened because that author got so popular that she negotiated a no editor clause for her books when she contracted for more. That’s what turned her series from exciting and a decent fast read to a plodding diatribe on sex, guilt, and how kick ass a tiny cute as a button brunette can be. Her editor must have been incredible..

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