50 Page Fridays: Harry Turtledove


Every Friday, we here @ Del Rey Spectra will place a 50 page excerpt of a selected title on Unbound Worlds. Whether it is science fiction, epic fantasy, alternate history, horror, urban fantasy, paranormal, the possibilities are endless.

The Videssos Cycle: Volume One brings together the first two novels of Turtledove’s one-of-a-kind speculative fantasy saga, in which a Roman legion is transported to a strange realm where magic rules. Originally published in the late eighties, this series has been out of print for over a decade, but it’s finally back. The first volume includes THE MISPLACED LEGION as well as AN EMPEROR FOR THE LEGION, two books for the price of one, and the next volume will feature the remaining two books in the series (THE LEGION OF VIDESSOS and SWORDS OF THE LEGION).

The excerpt below is taken from the first book, and is an excellent introduction to the quartet.

Since the legion was mysteriously transported to this magical realm, Roman military tribune Marcus Aemilius Scaurus has valiantly served the rulers of the war-torn city of Videssos. However, Fortune is a fickle goddess. Returning in triumph after defeating a well-entrenched army of rebel mercenaries, Marcus is betrayed by a friend, seized as a traitor, and dragged before the Emperor. Only one person may be able to save him: the Emperor’s niece. But consorting with her could lead to exile . . . or worse.

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Please enjoy this excerpt of VIDESSOS CYCLE: VOLUME ONE by Harry Turtledove, on sale wherever books are sold on April 2!

VIDESSOS CYCLE: VOLUME ONE by Harry Turtledove, Excerpt by Random House Publishing Group