A Note for Fans of Doctor Who, From Editor Julian Pavia


Editor’s Note: Julian Pavia is an editor at Crown/Broadway. He works on a wide variety of books but is particularly drawn to projects with a nerdy flavor. Books he’s edited include several novels by New York Times bestseller Scott Sigler, the humor hit The Ninja Handbook, and Ernest Cline’s geektastic Ready Player One.

So I’m going to make a crazy assumption here and guess that most Unbound Worlds readers have probably already heard a little something about a show called “Doctor Who.” Some of you might even join me in describing yourselves as massive fans of the show, and especially of the last few seasons. Like me, you might have spent the last couple years mesmerized by Matt Smith’s irresistibly charismatic Doctor and the gorgeous, makes-you-feel-all-funny-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach Karen Gillan as Amy. (Yeah, I might have a tiny little bit of a crush.) Not to mention Arthur Darvill as the perfectly relatable, everyman character we can root for – and who actually gets the girl in the end.

But of course, it’s the writing that really weaves the magic – those brain-breaking season-long arcs and twists and cliffhangers that just keep you coming back episode after episode. Like the new Companion’s surprise appearance as the world’s most bewitching, makes-you-feel-funny-in-an-entirely-different-part-of-your-stomach Dalek. (Yep, might be a tiny little crush happening there too.) I mean, how can you not love a show that’ll pull that kind of an audacious trick on its viewers – and have the smarts to make something so seemingly impossible tie together in a perfect little bow? Let’s face it, the only way these last “Doctor Who” seasons could’ve been any better is if they took place in an alternate universe in which writers weren’t allowed to think about Venetian vampires.

Okay. If you made it through that little geek-out, chances are you really are a “Doctor Who” fan like me. And it’s you fans I want to be talking to here. Because you’re the only ones who’ll understand just how excited I am to be publishing these Doctor Who novels. As an editor, getting to be involved with a series I love so much, and being able to share all the shiny new Whovian adventures therein with my fellow fans … well, it’s the kind of thing that makes all the not-so-exciting parts of my job worth it. It justifies all those boring three-martini lunches we editors have to have, all of those intimate interactions we’re forced into with celebrities. (Note: when I say “three-martini lunches,” what I actually mean to say is “eating a sandwich at my desk while looking at cat gifs on Reddit.” And by “intimate interactions with celebrities,” I mean “once saw all twenty-seven Kardashians getting out of a limo.” But in my defense, that was pretty incredible. It was like a clown car.)

Look, guys, I’m not going to overcomplicate this. The appeal of these novels is pretty simple: It’s more Doctor Who! If you’re anything like me, a dozen TV episodes a year isn’t nearly enough for you to have eaten your fill – and you’ll still be ravenous for the extra helping of Whovian goodness these books provide. In these novels, we get all-new stories in which the Eleventh Doctor takes on the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Shroud. We even get a brand-new adventure featuring Clara. If you love the show like I do, that should be all you need to hear. Now go check them out here!