Cage Match 2013 Round 1: Medusa vs. Tock


The Contestants


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Greek Mythology
Age: Unknown
Race: Monster
Weapons / Artifacts: Her face
Can stop anything in its tracks. Her hair is made of snakes and she is so ugly that whoever looks at her turns into stone. Medusa’s body has wings with broad round heads, serpentine locks of hair, large staring eyes, wide mouths, the tusks of swine, lolling tongues, flared nostrils, and sometimes short coarse beards

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
Age: Unknown
Race: Dog
Weapons / Artifacts: He has a huge clock in his belly
Barking and weeds out time-wasters

The Breakdown


  • She is a monster with two immortal monster sisters
  • Can stop anything in its tracks

  • Loyal
  • Helps you not waste time

  • Culture shock

  • Somewhat slow
  • His alarm doesn’t always work perfectly

How we think the fight will go

One lovely, cheery day, Tock wanders down a road in the Land Beyond. He has never been down this particular road before, but way leads to way. Tock is hunting for time wasters when he sees a stone structure, which, upon approach he sees is a temple. At the entrance is a young woman with arms stretched out in front of her, appearing to be attempting to keep something away from her. Tock runs up to her without hesitation. He growls, “R-R-R-G-R-O-R-R-H-F-F.” He shouts, “Move along! You are wasting time!” He runs farther into the temple, and sees a young man, unmoving, kneeling in a pool of light. Tock shakes his body and his alarm goes off. “ R-R-R-G-R-O-R-R-H-F-F! What are you doing here? Stop wasting time!” But he boy doesn’t change position. As the sound of the alarm echoes against the walls, a shadow passes through and the sound of soft hissing filters through the room. Tock turns his head and growls, “Who is there?”As the whooshing sound goes over his head and the sunlight flickers for just a moment, Tock stands still and his senses start to tingle. He brushes up against the boy and suddenly feels the cold stone of the figure through his fur. Startled, Tock tries to go back the way he came – all the while trying to see into the shadows. His hind legs bump into something. With a gulp and a shiver, Tock looks up. There she stands, with titled head, wings with broad round heads, serpentine locks of hair, large staring eyes, wide mouth, and flared nostrils. She is grinning.

“I never had a doggie.” She pats the Tock on his now-stone head. “Sit. Good Dog!”

Predicted Winner: Medusa


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Medusa is a character from Greek Mythology; Tock is a character from The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.

Medusa image courtesy of IronShod. Tock image courtesy of Jules Feiffer.

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