Cage Match 2013: Round 1 Recap!


round 2

The smoke of battle still lingers in the air, and the once-pristine sand of the gladiatorial arena is spattered with crimson. Brave souls have found their fates at the claws and swords of their betters. The first round of the Cage Match is over, but long is the road to ultimate victory. Let us review a few of the more interesting fights:

Narnia’s White Witch utterly devoured Atreyu. As it turns out, that young man’s story was anything but Neverending…

A fearsome pirate Captain Hook may be, but he was no match for the powers of the Bene Gesserit Sisters. It appears that this buccaneer has swashed his last buckle…

Magical Medea may have met her match, but Prospero’s prestidigitation proved too powerful for Queequeg. This cannibal was eaten alive.

Count Dracula bled A Clockwork Orange’s Alex dry. Wonder if that means we’re in for a little Undead Ultraviolence?

Here’s a run-down of how the fights went in total:

Round 1 (winners are bold)


  • Gandalf (258 votes) vs. Professor Moriarty (17 votes)
  • Doctor Who (214 votes) vs. Dunwich Horror (59 votes)
  • IT (117 votes) vs. Harpy Celaeno (100 votes)
  • The Thing (253 votes) vs. The Invisible Man (110 votes)


  • Smaug (205 votes) vs. The Headless Horseman (43 votes)
  • Merlin (299 votes) vs. The Mechanical Hound (34)
  • Medusa (341 votes) vs. Tock (48 votes)
  • Grendel (220 votes) vs. Mombi (189 votes)


  • The White Witch (334 votes) vs. Atreyu (122 votes)
  • Tripods (300 votes) vs. General Woundwort (149 votes)
  • Count Dracula (211 votes) vs. Alex (19 votes)
  • Tarzan (136 votes) vs. Jekyll/Hyde (86 votes)


  • Prospero (252 votes) vs. Queequeg (79 votes)
  • Bene Gesseriti (344 votes) vs. Captain Hook (101 votes)
  • Inigo Montoya (392 votes) vs. Medea (52 votes)
  • Captain Nemo (235 votes) vs. Kull of Atlantis (129 votes)

We salute our winners, but the fight isn’t over yet. Round two begins on March 13 and
the victorious must prove their mettle once again.

Round Two:

  • Gandalf vs. Doctor Who
  • IT vs. The Thing
  • Smaug vs. Merlin
  • Medusa vs. Grendel
  • The White Witch vs. Tripods
  • Count Dracula vs. Tarzan
  • Prospero vs. Bene Gesseriti
  • Inigo Montoya vs. Captain Nemo

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Unbound Worlds-Water-Bracket

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