Cage Match 2013: Round 2 Recap!


Round 3 Bracket

The second round of our cage match has come to a close, and as we applaud our champions, we consign the defeated to the solitude of the grave. Take a moment, dear reader, to remember those who perished for your entertainment: Be they villainous or valorous, their blood was spilled for you.

Let’s review some of this round’s highlights:

Smaug roasted Merlin alive. Wizard fell to lizard.
Gandalf Magicked Dr. Who. Is there a doctor in the house? Not anymore.
IT ended the Thing. That’s that.
Inigo Montoya deep sixed Nemo. Nemo is no mo’.

Round 2 (winners are bold)


  • Gandalf (479 votes) vs. Doctor Who (416 votes)
  • IT (138 votes) vs. The Thing (112 votes)


  • Medusa (247 votes) vs. Grendel (56 votes)
  • Smaug (292 votes) vs. Merlin (276 votes)


  • Count Dracula (271 votes) vs. Tarzan (69 votes)
  • The White Witch (208 votes) vs. Tripods (94 votes)


  • Bene Gessereti (175 votes) vs. Prospero (92 votes)
  • Inigo Montoya (237 votes) vs. Captain Nemo (75 votes)

Round 3 yet awaits:

Round 3

  • Gandalf vs. IT
  • Smaug vs. Medusa
  • White Witch vs. Dracula
  • Bene Gesseriti vs. Inigo Montoya

Unbound Worlds-Air-Bracket-CageMatch2013_Rd3

Unbound Worlds-Fire-Bracket-CageMatch2013_Rd3

Unbound Worlds-Earth-Bracket-CageMatch2013_Rd3

Unbound Worlds-Water-Bracket-CageMatch2013_Rd3

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  • Archon

    It would be easier to tell the magnitude of these upsets if the the seedings were listed by bracket instead of whole tournament.

  • Kokkieh

    It’s a shame Gandalf vs the Doctor is over, but I’m quite looking forward to Smaug vs Medusa and Dracula vs the White Witch also has excellent potential.

  • Rose

    On the one hand, I’m a fan of Smaug, Dracula, and Gandalf, but I really, really, REALLY want the final to be the White Witch vs. Medusa, because turn-to-stone vs. turn-to-stone would be so incredibly awesome. I wish Suvudu had at least put Medusa and the White Witch on the same half if not in the same division (both earth…hehehe). It isn’t going to happen though.

  • Alex

    Inigo Montoya for the win

  • Jonrock411

    Now let’s see, logically judging from the characters and their own source material, the winners will be Gandalf, Dracula, Medusa and Bene Gesserit with Dracula vs. Gandalf for the finale. I do feel a slight twinge of regret that all the characters with unique styles to their matches are killed off by now.

  • Metacognition

    I don’t think this round is going to be as tense as some of the battles last round were, but there’s plenty of room for some upsets here!

    Smaug is a favorite, but I’m not sure if he can out-glare Medusa. He IS old though, so he might know enough not to look directly at her!

    White Witch vs Dracula is the same thing. WW is favored, but Dracula is a hell of an opponent and it’s hard to hit someone with a blast from your wand when they’re made of mist.

    Even Gandalf vs IT should be pretty decent. I still think Gandalf will win, but I might just argue for IT and IT is a lot tougher than people seem to think IT is.

    The only one that seems set in stone (heh) is Montoya vs the Gesseriti. I just don’t think Montoya has a strong enough mind not to be influenced by the Gesseriti. Still, it doesn’t take much thought to shove a rapier through their hearts. Hell, for Montoya, it’s almost a reflex!

    I might just have fun this round and argue for the under dog, just because they do stand a chance! 🙂

  • Red Wizard

    Round 2 couldn’t even draw 900 votes to a single match this year..

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