Cage Match 2013: Round 2 Recap!


Round 3 Bracket

The second round of our cage match has come to a close, and as we applaud our champions, we consign the defeated to the solitude of the grave. Take a moment, dear reader, to remember those who perished for your entertainment: Be they villainous or valorous, their blood was spilled for you.

Let’s review some of this round’s highlights:

Smaug roasted Merlin alive. Wizard fell to lizard.
Gandalf Magicked Dr. Who. Is there a doctor in the house? Not anymore.
IT ended the Thing. That’s that.
Inigo Montoya deep sixed Nemo. Nemo is no mo’.

Round 2 (winners are bold)


  • Gandalf (479 votes) vs. Doctor Who (416 votes)
  • IT (138 votes) vs. The Thing (112 votes)


  • Medusa (247 votes) vs. Grendel (56 votes)
  • Smaug (292 votes) vs. Merlin (276 votes)


  • Count Dracula (271 votes) vs. Tarzan (69 votes)
  • The White Witch (208 votes) vs. Tripods (94 votes)


  • Bene Gessereti (175 votes) vs. Prospero (92 votes)
  • Inigo Montoya (237 votes) vs. Captain Nemo (75 votes)

Round 3 yet awaits:

Round 3

  • Gandalf vs. IT
  • Smaug vs. Medusa
  • White Witch vs. Dracula
  • Bene Gesseriti vs. Inigo Montoya

Unbound Worlds-Air-Bracket-CageMatch2013_Rd3

Unbound Worlds-Fire-Bracket-CageMatch2013_Rd3

Unbound Worlds-Earth-Bracket-CageMatch2013_Rd3

Unbound Worlds-Water-Bracket-CageMatch2013_Rd3

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