Cage Match 2013: Round 3 Recap!



Another round is over, and our circle of champions has grown yet smaller. Where there was once many, only few remain: their armor dented, swords bloodied and spells cast. Step over the bodies and let us survey the results:

Round 3: (winners are bold)


  • Gandalf (353 votes) vs. IT (18 votes): IT began this battle, but Gandalf ended IT.

Unbound Worlds-Air-thumb-Bracket-CageMatch2013_Rd4


  • Medusa (389 votes) vs. Smaug (251 votes): Two heads are better than one, and apparently a headful of snakes beats one old serpent.

Unbound Worlds-Fire-thumb-Br#220855


  • Inigo Montoya (323 votes) vs Bene Gesseriti (138 votes): “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You did not kill my father, but you should prepare to die nonetheless.”

Unbound Worlds-Water-thumb-B#220860


  • The White Witch (208 votes) vs. Count Dracula (144 votes): Cold-blooded!

Unbound Worlds-Earth-thumb-B#220838

Round four:

Gandalf vs. Medusa
The White Witch vs. Inigo Montoya