Cage Match 2013 Round Two: Medusa vs. Grendel


The Contestants



Greek Mythology
Age: Unknown
Race: Monster
Weapons / Artifacts: Her face
Can stop anything in its tracks. Her hair is made of snakes and she is so ugly that whoever looks at her turns into stone. Medusa’s body has wings with broad round heads, serpentine locks of hair, large staring eyes, wide mouths, the tusks of swine, lolling tongues, flared nostrils, and sometimes short coarse beards

Beowulf saga, author unknown
Age: Inapplicable
Race: A monster of sorts
Weapons / Artifacts: Horrendous claws and teeth
Hero-chomping bite

The Breakdown


  • She is a monster with two immortal monster sisters
  • Can stop anything in its tracks

  • Impossibly strong and hungry

  • Culture shock

  • Not too bright

Took a lickin’, didn’t keep tickin’


Oz Wiedersehen, Witchy Woman

How we think the fight will go

With this mead
I quench my thirst
Made mighty
by this tale
Not yet over
Remember you all
Cunning woman Mombi
Exile out of Oz
A stranger
To our land

King Hrothgar’s hope
An evil against an evil
A champion of convenience
Desperation makes
Strange bedfellows

Hungered she did
Hunted she did
For that cursed
Son of Hell

Dweomers strong
Rune songs ancient
Strange magics unknown
Even to our eldest
Were of no use

Mombi found Grendel
Heath-haunter hero-slayer
Long of claw and tooth
Her magic failed her
She found her doom

Grendel claimed another
His hunger unabated
His roars echo
Through the hills
Death stalks once again

Wandering ceaseless
Restless, damned
By bloodlust driven
And anger given
Since the sin of Cain

Searching forest
Smashing ice
digging burrows
His search for flesh
Proves futile

He ascends
into the mountains
There to find
What solace he can
Among the rocks and the lonely wind

Somewhere beyond
He hears a woeful cry
Words unknown
But the sorrow apparent
To a fellow exile

The monster’s heart
swells in its chest
A woman of sorts
A helpmate to bear
Sorrow’s children

Ever higher he climbs
That call that much closer
To realization and relief
Of a deprivation
Unknown before

To cave’s mouth he comes
Grendel deeply inhales
Exotic spices
Mediterranean delight
Alien but not unwanted

He sees the object
Of his affection
Or rather her back
Her face a mystery
A goddess for a beast

His monster throat bellows
Greeting to the beauty before him
Words leave his mouth
Before he notes the presence
Of snakes for hair

Even monsters have their own monsters
Things to fear in the night
There are demons both great and lesser
In horror Grendel sees
His mistake

Her head turns
Asps and vipers hissing
Her face horrid
Even to one
Such as Grendel

He seeks a retreat
But too late he is struck
By eyes once beautiful
Now Goddess cursed
To deliver death

Grendel once feared
Now no more
Celebrations begin
Among those yet ignorant
Of a new evil among them.

Predicted Winner: Medusa

NOTE: THIS MATCH ENDS ON Friday, March 15th, 2013, AT 5 PM, EST

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Medusa is a character from Greek Mythology; Grendel is a character from Beowulf saga.

Medusa image courtesy of IronShod. Grendel image courtesy of John Howe.

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