Get a Double-Dose of George R.R. Martin!


One of my very favorite contemporary fantasy authors is getting a lot of coverage online today. Both Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog and Barnes & Noble’s Nook blog are featuring great pieces about A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin.

Over at the Nook blog, author Diana Gabaldon (no slouch, herself!) has written five things that she likes about the author. She talks about his style, massive book collection and even his relationship with his wife. Check it out here.

Then, Robin A. Rothman interviews the man himself over at the Omnivoracious blog. Here’s just a snippet about the infamous Red Wedding. (No spoilers.)

Robin A. Rothman: What about this season are you most excited to see translated from your written description to come to life on screen?

George R.R. Martin: Well, excited and apprehensive is the Red Wedding. I don’t know if you want to write about that without spoiling things. I think it will have more impact if it takes people unexpectedly, but certainly that’s the scene that both myself and I think most of my hardcore fans are looking forward to with a mixture of anticipation and apprehension.

RAR: It’s so graphic in the novel. You’ve probably seen it already. Do you feel it captures what you wrote? Were there any major changes to that?

There! You’ve got two majorly meaty pieces of Martinalia to read. Get to it!