Today’s Reddit Ask Me Anything: Terry Brooks


Terry Brooks PictureTomorrow, Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks is published!

To celebrate, Terry will be taking questions from fantasy fans on Reddit later today. It should be great fun. Reddit has a bustling community of fantasy readers and Terry enjoys answering questions about his work and his craft of writing. From questions about his books to movie possibilities to how much time he spends writing every day. Readers can ask him anything.

I took part in an AMA several weeks ago and had a great time. You can see that discussion HERE. Reddit has featured some great writers in the last few months as well. Here are some of my favorite AMA events:

First, join Reddit and post your question for Terry HERE. Then feel free to read some of the other AMAs while you wait for Terry to begin answering questions at 7 PM CST.

Hope to see some of you there!