“Unpack Your Adjectives” with Star Wars!


School_House_Rock!A long time ago…like, back in the seventies…a wily ad man and a group of television execs came up with the idea of presenting children with educational content cleverly disguised as cartoons. The series came to be known as “Schoolhouse Rock!” and chances are if you were a rugrat parked in front of a television set on Saturday morning sometime in the seventies or eighties then you caught a few episodes. You might remember some of the words, even. (I still recall “I’m Just a Bill” to this day, although to be honest, it hasn’t helped me much to understand what the heck congress is doing these days…)

Anyway, some sagacious Star Wars fan has taken one of these tunes titled “Unpack Your Adjectives” and paired it up with clips from the Saga. The result? Star Wars Rock! Sound odd? Hey, anything’s possible: Ever seen the Star Wars Christmas Special? I rest my case. Check it out:

  • Archon

    Disappointing choice… There are sooo many school house rock songs that are better than “Unpack Your Adjectives”.

  • Bryan

    I disagree with the previous post. Their comment is seemingly made flippantly, based on vague memories of the tunes from 30+ years ago. There may be School House Rock songs that are more familiar, catchy, or clever, but for the purpose, this one is a stand-out. “Sooo many better songs?” Keep in mind that there were only 46 songs total (I own the DVD collection), most laden with references that would be difficult to extrapolate to the Star Wars universe without resorting to poor substitutions. Instead, the creator chose a song that lends itself to the parody, and then went beyond the obvious connections (the Darth Vader hologram for “short” was brilliant! “Baby face” Luke Skywalker superb!)

    This was very clever and I really enjoyed the extra little jokes thrown in! I appreciate, too, that the creator stuck with the original movies (I don’t know when it was created; could be before #1 for all I know), although that is a completely subjective preference on my part.

    Good find! I’ll be sharing it for sure!

  • Archon

    Of course you are entitled to your opinions, but your assumptions are inaccurate… I also have the DVD collection, and I know nearly all of them word for word and actually still like to sing a number of those songs from time to time with my son… so no “vague memories from 30+ years ago” here… I’m extremely familiar with the set… off the top of my head, in just the “Grammar Rock” sub-group, I would rate “Unpack your Adjectives at about 5th, possibly 6th best out of those 9 songs, with “Interjections, Nouns, Verbs, and Rufus Xaiver Sasparilla being clearly better songs, and a toss-up with Tale of Mr. Morton. Also, I would actually rate a couple of far more familiar and catchy tunes like “Conjunction Junction” and “Lolly, lolly lolly” LOWER than “Unpack your Adjectives” as I have always found those songs to be weak and non-entertaining.

    And if we throw all of the other sub-groups of school house rock, it falls behind at least a half-dozen more songs, and “I’m Just a Bill” would NOT be one of those ranked ahead of Unpack your Adjectives, and I’m just a bill is arguably the most famous SHR song of all (along with Conjuction Junction).

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