2013 Phoenix Comicon: A Month Away




I love conventions, for so many reasons. First, the camaraderie. It’s always great being surrounded by people who automatically understand a part of you better than your own mother does—unless you have a cool geek mom like me, of course!

Then there is meeting new people, making new friends. Always a plus. Networking? Done. But above it all for me personally, I love hearing some of the best creators in the “geek genres” talk about their creations, how they work, and what advice they can give that will help me become a better creator in my own right.

Well, I’ll be attending several conventions this year. There is the San Diego Comic Con. There is DragonCon.

But the first is the Phoenix Comicon.

From May 23-26, 2013, Phoenix Comicon 13 will host some of the best people working now and past. The convention has a massive celebrity list. Huge names are attending. Not to mention a plethora of comic book artists and writers. When it comes to writers, the convention is not pulling any punches either:

Terry Brooks, Brandon Sanderson, Kevin Hearne, Cherie Priest, Peter Orullian, Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole, John Scalzi, Melanie Rawn, Kelley Armstrong… and many, many more.

To view the entire list, visit the Phoenix Comicon website!

unfettered-exclusiveI’ll also be there as a professional—my first real invite. Not sure I’ll have anything to add to the discussion but I plan on trying. My small publishing press, Grim Oak Press, will be featuring a Phoenix Comicon Exclusive, Unfettered: Tales From The Forthcoming Anthology. When I realized that Unfettered in its entirety would not be ready until June—waiting on a few interior art pieces—I knew I had to create something for the convention.

Can’t have fantasy readers be wrathful toward me!

Unfettered: Tales From the Forthcoming Anthology will feature the five stories from the anthology authors who are attending the convention—Terry Brooks, Kevin Hearne, Peter Orullian, Brandon Sanderson, and yours truly. It will be limited to 250 copies. I’m sure attendees will be able to have the book signed by all of us at some point. Seeing as there will be an Unfettered panel with the writers involved, should be quite easy, actually.

I hope to see some of you there! This is going to be a great warm up for me. I am moderating two panels at this convention and will hopefully be doing similar moderating duties at both the San Diego Comic Con and DragonCon!

But first things first!

To learn more about Phoenix Comicon and how you can get tickets for the convention, click HERE!

More soon!