50 Page Fridays: Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger and Peter David


Every Friday, we here at Del Rey Spectra will place a 50-page excerpt of a selected title on Unbound Worlds. Whether it is science fiction, epic fantasy, alternate history, horror, urban fantasy, paranormal, the possibilities are endless.

This week you’ll get a peek at AFTER EARTH: A PERFECT BEAST, a prequel to AFTER EARTH, the film starring Jaden Smith and Will Smith, opening on May 31st. Co-written by Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger, and Peter David—described by Entertainment Weekly as “comics gurus”—the novel focuses on the first appearance of the threatening alien creature that will be seen in the feature film.

Here’s more from author Robert Greenberger:

“AFTER EARTH takes place 1000 years after mankind has abandoned Earth, relocating to Nova Prime, 32 parsecs away. Circumstances bring Cypher Raige, Prime Commander of the United Ranger Corps, and his son Kitai back to mankind’s homeworld and it’s a struggle for survival. The film introduced many fascinating concepts that Peter, Mike and I were asked to expand into a universe bible spanning many millennia.

From that chronicle, we selected this pivotal moment that introduces the Ursa, the alien creature that hunts the Raiges in the film. It’s the year 576 AE (After Earth) and the colonizers of Nova Prime have already been attacked by a hostile race they call the Skrel. It’s been over 200 years since they last threatened humanity, so people think they’re safe. As a result, internal forces are at work to diminish the Rangers’ authority at exactly the wrong moment.

We had a chance to introduce a generation of Raige ancestors, vital branches in the family tree, to help explain how Cypher Raige has become the most celebrated Ranger in history. It was a tremendous opportunity to fill in some gaps, do some worldbuilding and tell an exciting story that pits humans against an enemy tailor-made for one purpose: to kill.”

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Please enjoy this excerpt of AFTER EARTH: A PERFECT BEAST, on sale April 30th!

AFTER EARTH: A PERFECT BEAST (Prequel) by Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger and Peter David, Excerpt… by Random House Publishing Group