Cage Match 2013: Round 4 Recap!


Cage Match Round 5

Our Cage Match draws to an end. Before us towers a mountain of fallen heroes high enough to block out the noonday sun. Dragons, wizards, monsters, heroes and villains alike have met their ends at the tip of the sword or by the power of ancient magic.

Round 4: (Winners are bold)

Air vs. Fire:
Gandalf (253 votes) vs. Medusa (39 votes): Tolkien’s tokin’ wizard wasn’t stoned.

Water vs. Earth
Inigo Montoya (290 votes) vs. The White Witch (215 votes): Cold-blooded!

Round 5: Our Final Match!

Gandalf vs. Inigo Montoya

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  • Archon

    Considering the NCAA Tournament has a final 4 that is about to pit a #1 seed vs. a #9 seed, and that the championship may very well be a #9 seed vs. a #4 seed, I’m good with Gandalf vs Inigo as a final here… Can’t wait for the write up!

  • Rose

    I’m sorry but Inigo Montoya really shouldn’t have won against the White Witch. He’s a really good swordsman and really determined, but he’s against a giantess who’s both decent with a sword AND can turn people to stone AND has such powerful magic that it took JESUS (effectively: he just had another name) to defeat her. In the writeup, Inigo only seemed to have a chance because Suvudu decided that the stone spell was dodgeable. I personally don’t see why that should be the case, since she can point her wand in the general direction of a dinner party and ALL the guests, plus the food and table, turns to stone. Inigo can’t dodge that!


    Gandalf takes it all.

  • Tye

    I would say Inigo had as much chance against Jadis as say… Perrin Aybara has against Paul Atreides. It’s possible, but highly unlikely.

  • Metacognition

    I’m going to save anymore arguments for one or the other for the actual final match, but I’ve got to say, I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this season. We had a lot less people discussing the pros and cons back and forth, but almost all of the arguments were intelligent, well thought out, and conducted in a civil manner.
    It’s always disappointing to me when the Cage Matches come to an end. I still don’t see why they don’t do them a bit more frequently. Last year, some of the authors were willing to do write ups for them and even some fans wrote up some great scenarios, so I can’t imagine it being because the write ups take a long time. It’s also not difficult to come up with characters! There’s so many great characters out there (many who haven’t been used before) that it’s difficult for me to believe that they’re running out of them.
    I’d love to see this at least twice a year. Hell, if they need people to help them with it to make that happen, count me in!

  • Choochie

    I miss the commentators that would recap the matches at the end of every week. These recaps are lame.

  • Ambarish

    Montoya for the win!

  • Archon


    True… but on paper, Wichita State has no buisness in the Final Four either… and yet there they are.

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