HBO Renews Game of Thrones For Fourth Season



Jon Snow should not be looking so miserable, given the news that was just released!

HBO knows a hit when they see it. They have renewed Game of Thrones for a fourth season. It was a foregone conclusion based on word of mouth and interest. The season premiere of Game of Thrones: Season 3 drew 4.4 million viewers, a jump of more than 13% from episode one of Season 2. Take into account that Season 3 only takes us through a majority of A Storm of Swords—not the entire book—and a Season 4 had to happen.

After that though, things get interesting. Will the HBO writers meld A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons into one semi-cohesive story as George R. R. Martin always intended them to be? I would imagine so. Watchers would never go for a season without Jon, Dany, and Tyrion. It would kill the series.

This is all exciting for me. Years and years ago, I read A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings. I loved them. I loved them so much I didn’t read the third book. I knew that George had more books to write and I’m not one to jump into a series without it being complete.

But HBO has now forced my hand. I picked up the new mass market paperback of A Storm of Swords featuring the HBO dragon art and I am now reading. It’s such a joy to return to Westeros. Now, I just have to keep ahead of HBO.

I should be able to do that with this news!

So revel, all of you! More Game of Thrones on HBO!

Winter is coming a 4th time!

  • Justin in Dayton

    Wow…didn’t know you hadn’t read Storm yet. I just finished it a few weeks ago and finished Feast last night. There are so many holy shit moments in Storm…you’re going to love it. Thanks for the update on season 4!

  • You don’d have read A Storm of Swords yet? The book is terrific. You hate it. You love it. You know nothing. Shawn Speakman. The best is coming.

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