Bullet-Point Review: Iron Man 3


poster-ironman3“I am Iron Man.”

That is what Tony Stark ends Iron Man with, an admission that he is indeed the man within the titanium-gold alloy suit.

I loved Iron Man. A solid movie from beginning to end. Iron Man 2 had some great moments but it felt off for me. Judging by what fans had to say about the movie, I’d say I wasn’t alone in my opinion. In my opinion, Iron Man was a 3 1/2 Stars movie; Iron Man 2 was justtttt a bit below 3 Stars.

Then The Avengers happened. And my love for Tony Stark and Iron Man was rekindled exponentially. Thank you, Joss Whedon.

I had some time last night so I went to an early showing of Iron Man 3. In short, I loved it. Here are some bullet-points—both positive and negative—about the movie. Spoiler free, of course:

Positive Bullets

  • After the Avengers and all he has gone through, giving Tony Stark PTSD makes sense and I damn near had tears in my eyes during two moments. Someone close to me suffers from the problem and Robert Downey, Jr. nailed it.
  • The Mandarin – a great villain! The villains in the first two movies were not as well constructed as the Mandarin is in Iron Man 3.
  • Tony Stark is as hilarious as always. Well done, Robert Downey, Jr.!
  • Acting! Ben Kingsley was fantastic! And so was Guy Pearce.
  • The story took twists I didn’t see coming four or five times.
  • Don Cheadle as War Machine was excellent. He needs his own movie!
  • Battles galore! If you love Iron Man battling, you’ll love this movie!
  • There is an underlying theme to the movie, done very subtly, concerning how we create our own demons. From a geo-political point of view, Shane Black inserts some thought-provoking ideas in Iron Man 3 that left me thinking after the movie.
  • Stay for the scene after the end credits have rolled! Got to love a little therapy!

Critical Bullets

  • The PTSD storyline could have been so much more. And the resolution rang utterly false to me.
  • “My name is Tony Stark and I am an alcoholic.” This could have been the true inner turmoil that Tony Stark faces in the movie but, from what reports I have seen, Shane Black was not allowed to go there due to Disney’s involvement in the movie. It was a lost opportunity because after The Avengers, one of Iron Man’s most famous storylines could have been featured on film.
  • The dialog. Post-Whedon is a terrible place for any filmmaker and writer to be put. Shane Black did well but after watching The Avengers so many times, it was hard to accept someone else’s writing even if they did a terrific job.
  • The motivation for the Mandarin’s followers—honorable men and women—makes no sense.
  • In the second act of the movie, Tony Stark discovers secrets far too easily. Villains just happen to help him with that at the right place and the right time. Seemed contrived and forced.
  • In the climax of the movie, I had a 35 second, “That character would never do that, not in a million years” moment. Took me right out of the movie.

I give Iron Man 3 a solid 3 1/4 Stars. I left the theater almost entirely satisfied having had a fun time.

Would love to hear what you think of the movie?