Dear Readers: A Letter from Kevin Hearne


From the Desk of Kevin Hearne

Grimoire of the Lamb
Dear Readers,

We all have skeletons in our closet. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway, but I can’t prove anything, and I’m sure that one thing you did that one time wasn’t your fault. But if you get to be more than two thousand years old like the Druid Atticus O’Sullivan, you’ll probably need a closet the size of a ballroom to hide all the bones of your past.

A character as old as Atticus would have seen some pretty amazing stuff throughout history, but I rarely get to play with that as much as I would wish since the focus of the Iron Druid Chronicles is very much on current events. Fortunately, the digital platform gives me the opportunity to tell some stories that are outside of the series’ timeline and mine the depths of Atticus’s past shenanigans.

GRIMOIRE OF THE LAMB is an eBook novella set four years before the events of HOUNDED, but it’s all about the consequences of a raid Atticus conducted on the Library of Alexandria centuries ago before it burned down. He offended Bast back then and that makes visiting Egypt dangerous for him now, yet he has to go when a magical grimoire from the old Library falls into the worst possible pair of hands. Once he’s there, he has to deal not only with Bast but with a Crocodile Priest who dabbles in demonology, and he also runs into the very oldest of all Druidic enemies. Oberon the Irish wolfhound accompanies Atticus and it’s a good thing, for he provides vital assistance at one point. You can find GRIMOIRE OF THE LAMB wherever you buy eBooks for $2.99.

I also have a short story coming out in the UNFETTERED anthology called “The Chapel Perilous” that shows us what Atticus was up to in sixth century Wales, back before it was properly called Wales. It deals with a series of events that eventually came to be immortalized as the Grail quest.

Going forward, I’m hoping to explore more of the Iron Druid’s past in short fiction wherever I can squeeze it in—I still have to get the novels finished! Book six, HUNTED, will be coming out at the end of June, and I’m working on book seven right now.

Happy reading, and may you always have plenty of room in your closet.

Kevin Hearne

  • Ellen

    This is a great addition to the series even though he was rather hard on the Egyptian pantheon. I can’t wait until the next one come out. But how about some signings in New York?

    Hopefully Kevin will be at ComicCon New York again this year.

  • Sheldon Wiebe

    One would hope that, at some point, the novellas and short stories you publish as eBooks might be collected in print form for those of us too poverty stricken to afford an eReader.

    Just sayin’…

  • Ed

    I hope you are going to follow the lead of Jim Butcher and Side Jobs, where he gathers some short works published in anthologies in one volume. He promises the other works will follow in another. If it takes a few years to gather enough work, it takes a few years, just know I (and likely many others) would appreciate if it makes the journey before we are as old as Atticus. Or even Oberon.

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