eBook Cover: The Black Irix by Terry Brooks


brooks-blackirixThe Black Irix by Terry Brooks will publish June 3, 2013!

It is the third e-short story in the Paladins of Shannara series, the tales stand alone and set at different points in Four Lands history. Last year and earlier this year, Allanon’s Quest and The Weapons Master’s Choice published. The new stories centered on Allanon and Garet Jax respectively, two fan favorites. Based on the reviews, the fans seemed to love them!

The Black Irix is a different story than the two previous though. Here is a bit more about The Black Irix:

An old friend urges Shea Ohmsford to take a dangerous risk in the concluding story of this gripping Shannara eBook series by New York Times bestselling fantasy master Terry Brooks.

Shea Ohmsford has had quite enough of quests. A year after surviving a harrowing odyssey, he is still plagued by troubling memories and dreams. A mysterious trafficker in spells and potions provides a restorative nostrum for the stricken Shea . . . along with a warning: Shea will break his vow to never again leave Shady Vale. And then the potion-maker’s prophecy comes to pass.

A thief, adventurer, and notoriously charismatic rogue, Panamon Creel unexpectedly appears in the Vale with a request for his long-time friend, Shea—journey into the untamed Northland, infiltrate the stronghold of a sinister dealer in stolen goods, and capture a precious artifact: the sacred Black Irix. Creel wishes to return this treasure to its rightful owners. Shea cannot refuse such a just cause. But what lies behind the black castle walls they must breach? And will this quest truly be their last?

The Black Irix by Terry Brooks will be released as a $0.99 ebook on June 3, 2013!

What is the most notorious thief in the Four Lands up to…?

Find out in June!