Star Wars: Little Characters with Big Stories?


May the Fourth be with you!

Star Wars has been part of my life since I saw A New Hope at a drive-in theater as a little boy. (I’m really old. Don’t laugh – it sneaks up on you.) While I was as obsessed with the main characters as any kid – Luke, Leia, Han, etc. – some of my favorite action figures were the oddball characters you only see on the screen for a second or two. I don’t exactly know why minor players like R5-D4, Momaw Nadon and the RA-7 protocol droid became major players on my the stage of my mind, but they did. I carried them to the playground and got at least as much sand and morning dew on them as I did R2-D2 and Obi Wan.

Watching the Star Wars universe become the Expanded Universe has been a great pleasure for me because some of my minor characters have had their back-stories fleshed out a little bit. (Check out the Essential Readers Guide!) However, I’d love to see more. I’m sure some of them could support full-length novels given the right writer and story. Here’s one of my story ideas. What do you think? Could you imagine some background characters or elements that could benefit from an expanded storyline?

Sandtrooper Detachment: Desert Sands
Star Wars: Episode Four: A New Hope

This is the detachment of Sandtroopers dispatched to track down R2 and C-3PO upon their landing on Tatooine. While they’ve got a bit of a dark history – they torched Uncle Ben and Aunt Boru’s place – a proper novel could present a challenging, revised history. What if these guys didn’t really burn the ranch? Or maybe, what if only one or two of them did? It could be that there was a rogue element within them – perhaps a special forces guy on the edge of madness – that took one step too far? Maybe that could be part of the clean-up effort after their mission fails… This could be an awesome “Heart of Darkness” kind of story set in the unforgiving sands of Tatooine.