The Onion Takes on Star Wars’ George Lucas


George_LucasCheck out a great editorial from George Lucas in which he gives away the secret behind the success of his Star Wars films: He lived them:

I’m not saying it was a literal transcription of the events of my life, of course. There was some artistic license—for example, I wasn’t ever actually an X-Wing pilot; I was flying a Y-Wing at the time—but I did blow up the Death Star at the age of 17. (And don’t think those Y-Wings aren’t just as hard to fly, either. They’re arguably even more difficult to manage in a dogfight situation.) So, sure, there was some embellishment, but the core events and emotional experiences of the storyline are all very real.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. Lucas didn’t write that…Humor newspaper The Onion did. Check out the rest here. Funny stuff!