Video: Terry Brooks’s Biggest Fan?!


On April 1st, I shared the news Shawn Speakman to Write Shannara Novel.

Yes, it was an April Fool’s joke. A good one too, if I do say so myself. It fooled a lot of people despite the last sentence of the article letting people know it was a joke. Some were happy with the news. Others were angrily confrontational about it. The fans know I know the Shannara world better than most and I’ve obviously gained the confidence of Terry Brooks over the years as his friend and webmaster. There are purists out there though who would have preferred the Wheel of Time series was never completed, who believe that an author’s work should remain their own unto the grave. Both ideas are legitimate and every writer must decide for themselves how their work will continue—or not—in the future.

Those who have followed my work with Terry know that I write an April Fool’s joke every year. Well, one of his fans put together the above video. From my point of view, it is absolutely hilarious. The video creator, who goes by the name ragpicker, took my April Fool’s joke and absolutely ran with it.

Terry’s biggest fan is… Hitler?! And Hitler is pissed at me?! Look out!