‘A Game of Thrones’ Graphic Novel Author Daniel Abraham Does a Reddit AMA


New York Times bestselling author Daniel Abraham, whom you may know well as the author of the A Game of Thrones comic book series, was the latest author to put aside the pen and paper for a moment and graciously answer a few questions from the readers at the massively popular news site www.reddit.com. Abraham spent a nice, long time answering questions, and you should really read the thread in full here, but here are a few interesting snippets. (PS: Don’t try to get him to break his silence regarding A Song of Ice and Fire. He reiterated that he’d rather be killed.)


What’s it like being part of GRRM’s writing group? Do you ever get to hear how he feels about everyone (not so) patiently waiting for him to finish ASOIAF?


George has been a huge help to me as a writer from the time he was my teacher at Clarion West. Being part of that critique group was great. And it wasn’t just George. We had Walter Jon Williams and S M Stirling and Melinda Snodgrass and Ian Tregillis. Really first class folks all the way around.

And yes, I do get to hear how he feels about people waiting for him to finish ASOIAF. I also get to talk with him and Ty about his plans for it. I know things that could get me killed.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your work, thank you for stopping by!

Comic books have become mainstream Hollywood juggernauts. With the massive success of “The Lord of the Rings” and “Wheel of Time”, do you think a similar trajectory of success is in the works for epic fantasy? Whether yea or nay, which of your works would you most like to see picked up by someone like HBO for a mini-series or a major studio for a movie?


I would love to see my stuff picked up and reimagined in other media. Partly because that would be fun to see, and partly because I would like to reach all the folks who don’t usually buy books.

That said, I don’t know that epic fantasy has a big future on screen beyond LOTR or ASOIAF. It’s too easy for it to get jokey and goofy.

Of the things I have out there now, I’d like to see The Expanse series picked up, and probably as a miniseries or series.

One of the hard things when you’re writing books is that you — or at least I — want to bring something to the table that TV and movies can’t give you. That makes it hard to translate into TV and moves, though, right? 🙂