Poll: When Did You Discover Game of Thrones?


martin-stormhboGame of Thrones.

HBO has a winner on its hands.

But they are not the only one with a winner. George R. R. Martin, his worldwide book publishers, even bookstores are reaping the benefit of a well-constructed television series. The books are some of the best fantasy ever written. And readers are benefiting from the added exposure such a show creates in the media.

Now that A Storm of Swords is being adapted this season, viewers of the television series have run the gambit of emotions that we all had to deal with 13 years ago when the book first published. The loss of a hand. The Red Wedding. Death upon death upon death.

Yesterday, I overheard two women talking about the show. I would mark them as late twenties. Using stereotypes, there was nothing geeky about their appearance. Yet they were enthralled with the Red Wedding episode and what it meant for the series. I asked them if they had read the books, eagerly wanting to point out that they could know the next few HBO seasons without having to wait.

They looked at me blankly and not because I inserted myself into their conversation. They had no idea that the show was based on books. I then proceeded to tell them about George, A Song of Ice & Fire, and how they could read the next two books if they wanted to know more. One of them went to her Amazon app on her iPhone and… voila. She saw what I said as truth.

It got me thinking. I learned about the series when I worked at a Barnes & Noble in 2000 when A Storm of Swords published. A massive book. Fairly solid sales. And a lot of interest online.

How did you come by the books? Did you read Ice & Fire before the HBO show? Did you read them only after you found out about the television show? Have you still not read them despite watching the show? Or just simply have no interest in any of it?

Would love to hear your story!

Winter is coming…