‘Star Wars Battlefront’ is Returning. What Do You Want to See?



A few years back I wrote about how much I missed the Star Wars: Tie Fighter Pilot video game. Not much has changed since then. I still find myself remembering those mysterious arm tattoos and the clipped, highly proper British tones of Imperial officers guiding me on missions against the Rebel scum. Ah, those were the days.

The closest I ever got again to that feeling of really being a part of the action was playing Star Wars Battlefront. Unfortunately, I got involved with that one just a little too late. I wasn’t that into first-person shooters at the time, and when I finally got around to checking it out the game was on its way out. Later, when I discovered Call of Duty and Medal of Honor I seriously wondered what I had missed.

I wasn’t the only one who had a Star Wars FPS itch, apparently. While Battlefront faded away and rumors of its return came and went, PC gamers hacked and modded and skinned other games into Star Wars style shooters. By that time I had moved on to console gaming. When gaming studio LucasArts closed, it was assumed by many that it had any chance of a Battlefront reboot with it.

Not so, apparently. Gaming company Electronic Arts (“EA”) is bringing Star Wars Battlefront back to gamers in a new next-gen incarnation that’s sure to bring the Force in a big way.  DICE is responsible for the game’s development, and man, were they eager to do so! While there aren’t many details out there about the game itself, having the same company responsible for Battlefield, Crysis and Mass Effect helming this beloved franchise is definitely a good sign. Battlefield has, at least in my opinion, been one of the most dynamic military shooters to have come out in the short history of the genre. Battlefield‘s vehicles, destructable environments, player equipment and weapon customization, and huge maps will all be awesome in a Star Wars setting.

The first teaser trailer appear to be on Hoth, and if you watch carefully you’ll see an AT-AT walker’s enormous foot come crashing down in the snow just after a Snowspeeder spirals out of the sky. I’m getting chills just thinking about it!

Is it too early to start talking wish lists for the game? Probably, but here’s mine:

  • Equal representation of the times and settings seen in the prequels and original films. I’m a Rebellion guy, but I could definitely do with blasting some battle droids.
  • Specialized classes like scouts, troopers and pilots. I’d love to see a special Force User class, but that’s just me, I guess. Why not have Jedis be an option directly available from the start screen?
  • Lots of vehicles, and many of them with troop transport capabilities. What good is an AT-AT if I can’t drop off a ton of snowtroopers directly at the front line? (Oh, wait. I guess the blast cannons and giant stompy feet are pretty good, too.)
  • Creatures, creatures and creatures! Dewbacks, Tauntauns, Rancor Monsters and more! Oh, and for Yoda’s sake, please give us Chewbacca!
  • Droids, droids, droids! I want spy drones, battle droids and um… IG-88. Too much?

Am I the only one who is looking forward to Battlefront? Do you have your own wishlist? Please share it below so we can nerd out together.