The Awesomeness of Patrick Rothfuss


kickstarter-rothfusscardI’ve known Patrick Rothfuss since 2007.

2007. Before he was the writer responsible for the world-wide phenomenon known as The Name of the Wind. Before he built a legion of fans. Before he helped save my ass from cancer in Unfettered. Before he rode a bull machine at San Diego Comic Con and stayed on just as long as Christopher Paolini who was raised around such insanity.

And before Pat created his charity Worldbuilders.

The Rothfuss has many redeeming qualities. But the one thing I enjoyed most about Pat six years ago that remains true today is his unflappable humility and interest in helping others. Now with the success he has garnered, he works hard at making the world an even better place.

That kind of altruism draws others. I know it did me. Pat has been an inspiration to me on several levels and that will become very apparent in a couple of months when I announce a new project I am heading.

In this moment though, Pat is part of a Kickstarter. He isn’t conducting it. Albino Dragon is. It is a gaming company headed by Erik Dahlman and Shane Tyree, two Patrick Rothfuss fans. Together, the three of them agreed to launch a Kickstarter, the project a deck of cards based on The Name of the Wind. You can see that project HERE.

It had a initial goal of $10,000. There were multiple levels of purchase power in the Kickstarter and fantasy fans came to it in droves, to the point Pat had to come up with some fun and interesting Achievement Unlocked goals! For instance, if the fans Kickstarted to $160K, Pat would have to sing.

Here is Pat keeping his promise, singing Crush Everything:

That wasn’t all. Yesterday, during a Hangout call, Shane and Erik asked if they could donate 5% of their company, Albino Dragon, to the charity Worldbuilders. Pat was blown away by that, obviously. It’s a touching gesture, one that helps charity the world over. Then the Albino Dragon boys offered another 5% to Worldbuilders if the Kickstarter got over $500,000. Pat’s response to that was crazy-maze:

“If you let me tell this story on my blog,” Pat said. “Me and my people will blow the fucking roof off the last two days of this kickstarter. We will bring thunder and fury to your very door. We will shake the earth.”

And that’s exactly what Pat’s fans are doing. With a day or so left, the Kickstarter is nearing $500,000 and is looking like it will go over!

I am posting this article on Unbound Worlds to help. The Kickstarter is a great project. I can’t stress that enough. I love fancy card decks, especially fantasy ones! I want to see this Kickstarter go over $500,000 so Worldbuilders will be getting 10% from Albino Dragon! I want the world to be a better place.

And so should you. So go Kickstart NOW!

And feel warm and fuzzy inside!