A Long Time Ago, in a Font Far, Far Away: The Star Wars Typeface Over the Years


Star Wars 01 Ralph McQuarrie ScrapbookOne of the most delightful aspects of the World Wide Web is that no matter how obscure your passion may be, you’ll likely find someone else who shares it: The “Tenth Letter of the Alphabet” blog is a perfect example.  While typefaces, alphabets and calligraphy aren’t passions of mine, my friend and comrade in unusual and erudite pastimes, Jim N., is finds them fascinating. Knowing that I love Star Wars, Jim forwarded the following article to me to share with you.

TLAB (as we’ll call the blog from this point onward) has traced (no pun intended) the origin and evolution of the many typefaces used in the Star Wars movies over the years. Beginning with labels printed for film canisters and fonts for corporate letterhead (Wouldn’t you Star Wars corporate letterhead today?)and moving through comic books, iron-ons, posters and various fan publications to the present day, TLAB’s gallery of images, quotes from designers and more guarantees that this is anything but a dry read. I wasn’t that aware of how much it had all changed, myself.

Do take a look at the article at TLAB and let me know what you think.

H/T – Jim N.