DemonWars Announcement by R.A. Salvatore


salvatore-demonawakensFifteen years ago, R.A. Salvatore published The Demon Awakens, the first book in what would be called the DemonWars.

He went on to write several more novels, two trilogies and a bridging book in total.

Since then, he has written a few more books in the world of Corona and written more Drizzt books. But he has a new way to get back to the DemonWars series he loves and he announced it this morning on his website / social media outlets!

Here is that press release:

DemonWars: Reformation

20 years ago, I created a Pen & Paper RPG. It was fun and agile – the way I like to play and DM. We played for a while, but it really wasn’t so radically different from the other games out there, which were offering tons of support material on a regular basis, that we just kept a few of the rules and went back to our other games.

At the end of last year, I saw that my son Bryan, who is a professional game designer, was creating a new system for a game. I loved the concept and the mechanics of what Bryan was doing and on a hunch showed him my old work. We decided to marry the two games and set it in the world of Corona, thus beginning DemonWars: Reformation, a game and campaign setting that picks up the story of DemonWars after the defeat of Aydrian and De’Unnero, where the Abellican Church is in shambles and the Kingdom of Honce the Bear teeters on the edge of disaster.

My group has been playing Reformation since the beginning of the year – last night was insanely fun – and we’ve been tweaking the system as we go. Sometimes things just fall into place, and so it has been with this game, as the adjustments are always minor.

I desperately want to return to the world of Corona, for games (I designed the world, particularly the gemstone magic system, with my love of games in mind) and for more novels. Independent publishing, starting with this Kickstarter, is the way that makes sense for me to return to DemonWars.

So please help me to make this work. The Kickstarter will be up in a couple of weeks – I’ll announce it here, of course. We shot the introduction video over the last couple of days. We’ve met with the printers, the layout folks, several fantastic artists are on board…all the chips are falling into place.

If this works, this is the beginning of my return to Corona in a big way. The game itself moves the story of the world forward, and I’ll also be doing a novella as a stretch goal. If this Kickstarter works as I’m hoping, it will lead to Corona becoming a living, breathing world – indeed, I’ve several books in mind.

For any of you concerned that this will mean less from me in the Forgotten Realms, fear not. I’m doing two FR books a year, consulting with their D&D team and all is well there (here comes The Sundering!). That won’t change!

There you have it! From Salvatore himself! Great stuff afoot here! I will definitely be announcing the Kickstarter when it goes live.

In the meantime, if you want a helluva read, try The Demon Awakens!

Let the Kickstarter begin!