‘Iron Druid Chronicles’ Author Kevin Hearne Drops Hints About Seventh Novel in Series


We had the very good fortune of grabbing Iron Druid Chronicles author Kevin Hearne for a chat before he was swept up for a signing. While I know I’m always in for a good conversation when I’m speaking with Kevin, I didn’t suspect him to give me the scoop on the seventh book in the series. In addition to this bombshell, we also got to speak about whether writing it’s good or bad for him as an author that people don’t know much about the real Druids, and also about Kevin’s favorite comic book series.

I apologize sincerely for the sound quality in this video. It was extremely loud on the convention floor, I’m afraid, and while you can hear Kevin perfectly, my own voice is a little muted. I’ve corrected what I could, and I hope that you’ll still find the final product enjoyable.