Reddit Shenanigans: Rothfuss the Fighter-Bear


rothfuss-bearUnfettered published last week.

If you don’t know what it is, have you been living under a rock? No, really, do a quick Google search and it will tell you all you need to know.

To celebrate the release and prompt reader interest, many of the contributing writers joined me for a Reddit Ask Me Anything (Ask Us Anything?) where fantasy readers could ask questions about the history of the anthology, the stories, or whatever else. You can find the Reddit AMA by clicking HERE.

And yes, I’ll still take questions if anyone is interested.

The AMA was great fun, of course. Lots of insight from my contributors and great questions from readers. But there was on exchange that was particularly hilarious and it spawned the image above.

Here is that exchange:

nimorphi asks: If all of the authors were to fight a bear, who would survive?

orullian AMA Author writes: What, do you mean individually, or if we all ganged up on the bear? I rather like the image of the lot of us taking on a bear in a fight. Maybe we do an anthology about bear battles. Or it’s a circus thing about trained bears, and how we hire the bear to take a fall to prove we’re not wimpy writers.

Nah, Lawrence is right. The bear wins.

MegalomaniacHack writes: I’m personally wondering if the question is taking into account whether any of you have swords or guns. Or full liquor bottles of the quality of the one in Dirty Laundry.

MichaelJSullivan AMA Author writes: Let’s all pretend Rothfuss is a bear and all the rest of us fight him… we MIGHT have a chance then.

MegalomaniacHack writes: His beard does seem to suggest were-bear.

DremoraTed writes: Exactly what I was thinking. Plus I could totally see him stomping around an office with his “claws” up while roaring.

orullian AMA Author writes: Rothfuss would defeat us with his beard. Ooooh, what if he braided that bad boy and placed some sharp bits of steel in the end, and then whipped it around like a flail? The man has options, is all I’m saying.

MichaelJSullivanAMA Author writes: I’m seeing a great comic in my mind’s eye. We need a really good caricaturist.

ShawnSpeakman AMA Author writes: I WILL make this happen. You watch.

MichaelJSullivan AMA Author writes: Excellent (in my best Montgomery Burns voice) complete with a hunched back and hand finger-in-pyramid tapping.

ShawnSpeakmanAMA Author writes: Someone unique is on it….

From that, you can see where the image came from. And I just had to do something about it. I contacted Nate Taylor (, long-time friend to Patrick Rothfuss and Pat’s personal cartoonist. He does incredible work. When I sent Nate to the Reddit AMA, he couldn’t not draw something.

And there it is, up above, displaying all of Pat’s bearded glory!

Sometimes art comes from the strangest places!

In this case, Pat’s beard…