ABC ‘In Talks’ to Develop ‘Star Wars’ TV Series


star-wars-tv3I’ve been hearing rumors about possible “Star Wars” television programs for years, and with the exception of the “Clone Wars” series, I’ve not seen anything develop from them, so forgive me if I’m not quite reader to bet the farm on this one: According to, ABC executives are currently in talks with Lucasfilm about developing Star Wars programming based on characters created by the studio.

I’d love to see this come through, considering it’s done well. With shows like “The Walking Dead “and “A Game of Thrones” already on the air and a new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series right around the corner, the time seems ripe for “Star Wars” television. It seems like common sense to me: The Saga has a built-in audience, and more people than ever are cluing in to the idea that we’re experiencing a new Golden Age of television (even if it’s a little dark).

A Star Wars television series for adults would be awesome. There are so many possible story angles! Want to go dark like a lot of the other popular television shows? How about setting the story in the first days of the Empire, or maybe a series based around the Yuuzhan Vhong’s invasion? Crime show? Following a bunch of Jedi knights around would be awesome. (“Law and Jedi Order”.) How about a military story? I bet that a Clone Troopers story would be a lot of fun.

A good “Star Wars” series could fill the hole left by the inexplicable, untimely departure of “Firefly”, especially if the show was based on (hint hint) the adventures of a group of scoundrels just getting by out on the rim. (“Got a job? We can do it. Don’t much care what it is.”) Han and Chewie don’t have to be the main characters: I think that there are probably plenty of worthy rogues and ne’er do wells out there who could keep me entertained.

I’ve been spending a lot of time ruminating about what a “Star Wars” series could be, but I’m really more interested in your opinions. What kind of story would you like to watch? Tell me your pitch!