Cover: The High Druid’s Blade by Terry Brooks


brooks-highdruidsbladeThe High Druid’s Blade by Terry Brooks will publish on March 11, 2014!

We are already talking about this book, despite Witch Wraith just publishing in July! Terry has kept to his six month publishing schedule and Del Rey Books didn’t want to waste any time getting fans this new book, which is set after Witch Wraith by about 100 years. The High Druid’s Blade is also the first stand alone Shannara novel since 1995. It will be the perfect place for new readers to try Terry’s most famous work.

Here is a bit more about The High Druid’s Blade:

From New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks comes the first stand-alone novel in his legendary Shannara series in almost twenty years—the perfect place for new readers to begin.

Paxon Leah never thought of the old family sword hanging above his living room hearth as anything other than an intriguing ornament—until his sister is kidnapped by a sorceror. Following the dark mage with nothing but this piece of steel to protect him, Paxon stumbles into a plot to remake the world . . . and accidentally unlocks the powers of the ancient blade.

The cover is now released as well. It is a departure for Terry’s previous covers. If any fantasy writer has deserved the cloaked-figure trend in recent cover art, it’s Terry. Cloaked figures have existed in his world since The Sword of Shannara in 1977. And with The High Druid’s Blade, the cover features a hooded Paxon Leah, red hair cover his face, while the Sword of Leah glows its unnatural wicked green.

Personally, I love change. I’m going to have fun redesigning Terry’s website to bring its branding in line with this new cover. Gonna make for a beautiful piece.

What do you think of it?

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