Read ‘Iron Druid Chronicles’ Author Kevin Hearne’s Reddit AMA!


You might have missed the opportunity to join in on Iron Druid Chronicles author Kevin Hearne’s epic “AMA” (“Ask me anything”) yesterday on Reddit, but you can still read it here!

Here’s an excerpt:


Hi Kevin, thanks so much for doing this! I am beyond stoked to know you are working on something in the SW universe, can’t wait to see how it turns out. What inspires you when writing dialogue for Oberon and why is Oberon a dog versus being a human or something more fantastical?

KevinHearneAMA Author:

Thank you, Gessen—and everyone! Very happy to be here.

Believe it or not, I actually had a serious purpose in mind for Oberon when I was thinking of the role he’d play in the series. When you’re an extremely old soul like Atticus, you might tend to live in the past, disconnect from humanity, and think of yourself as a breed apart—that’s what happens to vampires and gods and so on. Oberon is there to keep Atticus anchored in the present, because dogs can’t live “anywhen” else but the present—and that’s why I needed a dog, by the way, rather than something else. The basic nature of a dog is to think about what would make him happy right now, and usually that boils down to three things: food, playing, and maybe humping something. OH! And smelling asses. So four things. Or more. But it’s a pretty basic mindset no matter how many things we add on, and thus he’s one of the easiest characters to write. What he says is often humorous but his purpose is serious—and Atticus is aware of it. He keeps animal companions precisely to root him in the now.

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