Rumor: Joseph Gatt Cast in HBO’s ‘A Game of Thrones’


JosephGatt2There’s a rumor going around that Joseph Gatt has been cast in HBO’s “A Game of Thrones”! The actor has a solid genre background, including appearances in films Star Trek Into Darkness and Thor, and voice work in video games Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots and Star Wars: The Old Republic, along with serving as the character likeness for “Kratos” of the God of War franchise. The fact that Gatt was inspired to start acting by Star Wars sure doesn’t hurt!

There’s no official word on what character Gatt will play, but the smart money – at least according to the internet – is on Wildling leader Styr (click to go to A Wiki of Ice and Fire – Spoilers!)

If it is Styr, then I have to say that this is a fantastic bit of casting. I mean, look at Gatt. He already looks like Styr, and that’s without makeup and costuming. He’s bald, clean-shaven and has piercing eyes, not to even mention his very imposing physique. Wilding leader, actor, whatever: This is a guy for whom I’d cross to the other side of the street to avoid.

I don’t know about you, but I’m as big a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire as they come, and I’ve been extremely happy with all of the casting directions so far. It all started at the very beginning with Peter Dinklage. I had been a huge fan of Dinklage’s work in the critically acclaimed but relatively obscure film “The Station Agent”. He’s an actor whose presence and skill combined with great personal integrity has carried far. No one thinks of Dinklage as a “great little person actor”. He’s just a great actor. I really couldn’t think of a better Tyrion. I’ve got nothing to complain about with the rest of the cast, either. They did great with my other favorite character, Brianne of Tarth, and have you seen the guy they have playing the Red Viper of Dorne? Bingo. Perfect. Trying to match characters with book descriptions (not to mention how readers imagine them in their mind’s eye) must be a thankless task. They’ve done a great job at HBO, and I particularly appreciate the fact that they’ve gone for mostly lesser known actors for almost all of the roles.

While Gatt’s casting is almost a sure thing. We’ll keep our eyes peeled here at Unbound for official confirmation and any news about his role in the series. Meanwhile, let us know what you think in the comments section below!