Sansa Stark Actress Adopted Dog Co-star


Lady-and-Sansa-Stark-game-of-thrones-lady-30440121-587-663The Coventry Telegraph has published a feature on Sophie Turner, the actor who portrays Sansa Stark in HBO’s “A Game of Thrones”. She’s a great actress and comes across as a perfectly nice young woman in the article, but what I found especially endearing is that she adopted one of her fellow actors: Zunni, the dog that played “Lady” the dire wolf.

A few more quick facts from the article:

  1. She doesn’t like to watch herself on “A Game of Thrones”, but her parents do.
  2. She’s a top student: Although she’s got a private tutor now, she got all A’s and B’s in her last year in school.
  3. She just completed work on an indie film titled “Panda Eyes”.

Check out the rest of the piece to learn more about Turner, Zunni and what the future holds for this remarkable young actor.