Cover & Summary: The Galaxy Game by Karen Lord


lord-galaxyKaren Lord created a rich, science fiction world in The Best of All Possible Worlds.

In March 2014, she will return to that universe with The Galaxy Game!

Here is the synopsis for The Galaxy Game:

With the literary crossover appeal of Ursula K. Le Guin and China Miéville, Karen Lord is re-envisioning sci-fi for the twenty-first century with the story of a young hero exploring the galaxy-and discovering himself.

Karen Lord returns with The Galaxy Game, a new story and a new set of characters that both enriches its predecessor and stands alone. In this new novel, Rafi — the nephew of the heroine of Best — travels the universe with an intergalactic sports team, encountering strange new worlds and alien cultures.

Lord’s bold new vision of 21st-century science fiction has appeal to both devoted genre fans and readers of literary fiction.

I’m excited about this. I don’t read much science fiction because I’ve found only a few people are doing it truly great at the moment. Karen Lord is one of those writers though. If you haven’t read The Best of All Possible Worlds, you are missing out. I think the comparisons to China Mieville are quite fitting. An incredible imagination coupled with powerful prose.

But make up your own mind. Read an excerpt from The Best of All Possible Worlds HERE!

Let the wait for The Galaxy Game begin!