Free Story! Steampunk Skullduggery in Emma Jane Holloways’ ‘The Strange and Alarming Courtship of Imogen Roth’


Monday is here, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a little fun. Start the week off right with a steaming new slice of fiction from A Study in Silks author Emma Jane Holloway. “The Strange and Alarming Courtship of Imogen Roth”.

If you’re a fan of skullduggery, Steampunk and sorcery, then you’re going to love A Study in Silks, a novel whose main character Evelina Cooper is the niece of the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Cooper, like her uncle, doesn’t shy away from a mystery.

The Strange and Alarming Courtship of Miss Imogen Roth by Emma Jane Holloway by Del Rey Spectra

  • Toni P.

    Can I download the free Emma Jane Holloway short stories as PDF files? I cannot download them from Scribd.

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