New Release Interview: The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett


The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett is now published in paperback! The third book in the Demon Cycle series is now published in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. It’s a great thing. Now everyone can enjoy the novel, no matter format preference! The book was published earlier this year to great reviews and much happiness.

Peat has been hard at work ever since, writing the fourth book, The Skull Throne. I decided to interrupt him for a few minutes with an interview about the new paperback release!

Here it is. Enjoy!


Shawn Speakman: The paperback edition of THE DAYLIGHT WAR is now published! Tell Unbound Worlds readers about the third book in your Demon Cycle?


The Demon Cycle is a series of five books telling the life stories of a group of characters during a pivotal turning point for humanity. After centuries of peace, demons have returned to the world, rising each night to prey on humanity. Immune to mortal weapons, the demons have torn down a once-advanced civilization, reducing its inhabitants to a scant few on the brink of extinction, huddled in fear behind ancient symbols of protection called wards.

The first book, The Warded Man, focused on the life of a young man, Arlen Bales, who might be destined to deliver humanity from its fate and let them claw back to power by meeting the demons on their own terms.

But destiny is a tricky thing, for in the second book, The Desert Spear, we are introduced to Ahmann Jardir, another man who seems destined to save the world. Once he and Arlen were like brothers. Now, they are the bitterest of rivals.

In The Daylight War, we meet a young woman who seems to hold fate in her hands, Jardir’s First Wife Inevera. She has seen the future, and guided events for decades, putting her husband in power and shaping the coming battle. She means to give him the power to unite humanity and defeat the demons once and for all… no matter the price.

Shawn Speakman: The series has gotten great reviews, particularly this book. As its writer, why do you think that is?

Peter V. Brett: I put my all into every book I write, and I like to think it comes out in the work. Hopefully the good reviews mean people like what I’m doing. I’d also built up a fairly large readership over the course of the series, so by the time book 3 came out, fans were practically racing to be the first to review the book online. It’s resulted in a staggering number of reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and individual blogs.

I remember doing a grueling month-long tour to promote where I was basically on a plane every day to do signings and talks. I had a horrible cold for the first leg of it, and so when I collapsed at the end of each day, exhausted, ill, lonely and homesick, I had the reviews of eager readers to comfort me. The support really helped keep me going.

Shawn Speakman: The characters you have created often have horrible backstories that they have to rise above. Is there a particular backstory that you like more than the others?

Peter V. Brett: The thing is, I don’t really consider any of these tales “backstories”. There seems to be this idea that a book needs to have a “present”, and that anything not occurring at that time is backstory. I don’t subscribe to this. As far as I’m concerned, those backstories ARE the story. We see what makes the characters tick as individuals, and then watch them interact. The tale of Inevera’s early years is just as immersive in my opinion, as her dealings with the other main characters in her adulthood. Both are great, compelling tales.

Shawn Speakman: Do you remember your first fantasy novel paperback? If so, what was it?

Peter V. Brett: The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien, revised edition, third printing, 1982. The one with the amazing Darrel K. Sweet cover.

How do I know this? I still have it. It’s a little the worse for wear after being read hundreds of times, but I would never give it up. I’ve attached a picture of me holding it next to a Daylight War paperback as proof. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would one day share a bookshelf with Tolkien. What a mind trip.

Shawn Speakman: What was the last book you read that you think others should read — after they’ve read Peter V. Brett’s books, of course!?

Peter V. Brett: The last two books I read were The Shambling Guide to New York City, by Mur Lafferty, and Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan. The Shambling Guide to New York City, it’s worthy to note, just won the Campbell award for best new author. Mur is awesome, and her book, an Urban Fantasy set in present day NYC, is awesome, too. I still haven’t finished Promise of Blood, as my vacation ended, I moved, and the start of my daughter’s school year and killed my reading time. But the first half has been amazing. Going to dive back into it soon. Seriously letting Brian have a keys to the Epic Fantasy clubhouse.

Shawn Speakman: When last we spoke, you were working on the next book in the series. How are you progressing on it and what can you share about it?

Peter V. Brett: Book 4, The Skull Throne, is coming along VERY well. I am at 60,000 words, which is about 25% of a Peter V. Brett novel. I am moving MUCH faster than with previous books, but will still probably be writing another year before I have something to send the publishers. But! Someone (me) recently posted an excerpt…

The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett is now in bookstores—hardcover, paperback, and ebook!

You can visit Peat at And The Skull Throne is being written!

Can’t wait!

speakman-shawnShawn Speakman is the author of The Dark Thorn, an urban/epic fantasy hybrid novel bestselling author Terry Brooks calls, “a fine tale by a talented writer.”

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