Pictures: Terry Brooks In Italy


Italian artist Paolo Barbieri with Terry Brooks

Reading is one of the great cross-cultural aspects of being human.

Therefore, it is always great when a writer can venture from his home country to visit readers in other parts of the world. Terry Brooks has done that in the last week. Asked to be part of a book festival, the bestselling author traveled to Mantova, Bologna, and Sardinia in Italy to meet with fans, sign books, answer questions, and enjoy all that wonderful country has to offer.

Going along with Terry is his wife, Judine. She loves to take photos and blog about their experiences. That is not different this time with Italy. Judine is posting an online diary of sorts that details the trip, with pictures included.

Here is an example of an entry that is quite amusing:

September 8, 2013

Italian Drivers. This is how it’s done :

Pedal to the metal as soon as you hit the motorway. Set the cruise control for 140 kph, close in on vehicle ahead then swerve around them with inches to spare. Do not slow. Occasionally reach 160 kph until passenger requests you slow down. You do not understand English.

Show no fear.

No worries.

To follow Terry and Judine’s trip through Italy this week, click HERE!

Now go read something!

Or travel!

Or both!

Terry Brooks signing at former monastery, Tempio di San Sebastiano, Mantova, Italy.

speakman-shawnShawn Speakman is the author of The Dark Thorn, an urban/epic fantasy hybrid novel bestselling author Terry Brooks calls, “a fine tale by a talented writer.”

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