RIP Ann ‘AC’ Crispin


We at are sad to report that author and advocate Ann ‘AC’ Crispin died of cancer today. She is survived by her husband, the writer Michael Capobianco, and will be remembered fondly by her many friends and fans.

Crispin was the former Vice President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and founder and chair of the organization’s Committee on Writing Scams. She went on to launch the scam watchdog site Writer Beware with fellow author Victoria Strauss. She was an outspoken advocate of writers’ rights and took the pressure and controversy that sometimes came with her work with stride.

Crispin was the author of over 20 books, including original works and spin-off novels. The latter include Star Wars: Han Solo Trilogy, a novelization of the original television series V, a Pirates of the Caribbean novel, and numerous novels set in the Star Trek universe. Seven of her books were New York Times bestsellers.The former include her StarBridge series as well as two Witch World novels with her longtime friend, the late Andre Norton.

In addition to her role as an advocate and author, Crispin often lectured and taught at writing workshops, conventions and colleges. Many authors benefited from her hard-earned wisdom as a writing professional.

We at Unbound Worlds will remember her for her dedication and enthusiasm. She was both a professional and a fan.