RIP Frederik Pohl


Pohl2004-210We at Unbound Worlds are sad to report that legendary science fiction author Frederik Pohl died today. He was 93 years-old.

Pohl’s career stretched over seventy-five years, and included poems, novels, articles, short stories, works of literary criticism, science and much more. He won four Hugo Awards, plus the Campbell, Nebula and a National Book Award. Some of his best known works include Jem, The Boy Who Would Life Forever, and Man Plus. His last novel, All the Lives He Led, was published by TOR in 2011.

Pohl was not only a talented writer, but also an accomplished editor who oversaw several magazines, including “Galaxy”, “Astonishing Stories”, and “If”, where he worked with celebrated editor Judy-Lynn del Rey. (Judy along with her husband Lester, went on to be the guiding force behind Ballantine’s Del Rey mprint.) Later, Pohl acquired titles for Ballantine Books’ “Frederik Pohl Selections” line. Among those titles was Samuel Delaney’s groundbreaking novel Dhalgren and Joanna Russ’ feminist science fiction novel The Female Man.

As a vital and active force in science fiction for decades, Pohl’s influence in his field cannot be overstated. He will be missed.


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