Star Wars: 1313: What Did We Miss?


9-sanitizedjpg-e94d0a-610x342I’m extremely excited with the prospect of new Star Wars video games coming out over the next few years, especially Star Wars: Battlefront 3 (DICE is perfect for that, I think.) but I sorely regret that Star Wars: 1313 won’t be among them. It’s useless to focus on what could have been, I know, but the guys at IGN just dropped a bunch of knowledge about what 1313 would have offered. 

First and foremost, the rumors are true: 1313 would have starred everyone’s favorite Mandalorian bounty hunter, Boba Fett. The Fett man would have brought his considerable man-hunting skills and impressive armory to a “meticulously detailed” Coruscant in search of a valuable bounty. He wouldn’t have come alone, either. He would have had a droid companion that would fight by his side. (It doesn’t appear to have been IG-88, though. That would’ve been cool.) Much of the action in the game would have taken place in the eponymous “1313” an underground cityscape run by ruthless crime figures, but he would have also descended to layer 1314: A shadowy, dangerous slum. As Boba progressed in his mission, he would have unlocked equipment upgrades.

As we were previously told, Star Wars: 1313 would have offered a more “mature”, darker look at the Star Wars universe and characters. What we didn’t know then was that 1313 would have also opened the door to a television series about the same crime families. What role would Boba have played? Guess we won’t find out, although I’d bet that there’s better then even chances that there will probably be a Star Wars television series (or two) still in the works from Disney.

Star Wars: 1313 is officially dead for the time being, but I wonder if LucasFilms/Disney or one of its partners will resuscitate it. A video game would be cool, but I’d happily welcome a comic book or novelization in lieu of that.

The IGN crew was allowed to view a demo of Star Wars: 1313, but are unable to screen the entire thing for the public. Still, if you watch the video clips at the website, you’re able to see a few seconds of it. There’s that, plus lots of concept art and more at the site. Click through to see it all.