Get Ready for The Dystopian World of Pierce Brown’s ‘Red Rising’


You may not know too much about Pierce Brown’s debut novel Red Rising right now, but get ready: You will very soon. This is one of those novels that you just know is going to blow up and become a pop culture phenomenon. Think Hunger Games or Ender’s Game or Divergent – That kind of big. You’ll see when it hits shelves on January 28, 2014. (Just remember who told you first!)

The buzz about this book is already building thanks to a few copies we’ve released into the wild at Comic Con and a few other places. The Goodreads community is absolutely in love with Red Rising. The book has a five star rating there, with over one hundred reviews logged thus so far. Here are some of my favorite snippets taken from reviews:

Hannah: “I visited my friend and she thrust Red Rising into my hands. I had travelled across the country to see her and I was only going to be there for a week, so what did I do? Ignore her mostly because I could not put this book down. It was instantly gripping and a thoroughly enjoyable ride.”

Nero Augustus: “Since receiving this book from a friend last Friday I have read it three times! Pierce Brown has masterfully woven a startling, albeit realistic, tapestry of what ensues when freedom is challenged, love is lost, and humanity is threatened.”

Gabrielle: “It is almost hard to boast about this book without spoiling everything. It is a whole new level of dystopian with epic war fantasy, and a touch of sci-fi. The levels of pain, trust, friendship, betrayal have no comparison. The twists leaving you gasping. The pain makes you want to cry.”

So what’s Red Rising all about?

Humanity has escaped Earth’s bounds and become an interplanetary species with colonies on the Moon, Mars and beyond. Generations of surgical enhancement and genetic manipulation have resulted in the creation of a color-coded cast system. The Golds are the genetically perfect human beings who rule society, The Whites serve as its lawgivers and priests, The Silvers are administrators and business managers, and at bottom are the Red: Humanity’s manual laborers.

The Reds are made for hard labor, and their short, harsh lives are defined by ignorance and suffering. Darrow, a typical Red, toils away miles underground, convinced that the contributions of he and his fellow Reds are going toward making the planet’s surface habitable. After Darrow discovers that the planet’s surface was colonized ages ago, he and his fellow Reds launch a plan to infiltrate and destroy the society that has kept them down.

Sound good?

You can learn more about the book and the author, and read an excerpt, here. Bookmark it for updates!