‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Images, Videos and News From NYCC and Beyond


Star-Wars-Rebels-Imperial-InquisitorOur friends at RebelScum.com got the drop on some fantastic images and news from the New York Comic Con 2013 “Star Wars: Rebels” panel. According to poster Rich, the series is set against the backdrop of Empire’s beginning as a stabilizing force initially welcome in the war-torn Inner Core Systems to the repressive, exploitative power that inspires the birth of the underground Rebel movement. The rebel characters haven’t been revealed yet, but one new character has: Darth Vader’s Imperial Inquisitor, a dual lightsaber-wielding Pau’an tasked with hunting down any Jedi who managed to survive Order 66.

I was personally hoping that “Rebels” would depict Vader hunting down the Jedi himself, but this Inquisitor character could be interesting, and his presence is in line with the canon as I understand it. His presence implies that we’ll probably see at least one Jedi main character; otherwise, there’s not much reason for him to be there.

In other “Rebels” news, Entertainment Weekly got their hands on an exclusive retro-style Imperial propaganda poster and the “Star Wars: Rebels” team posted a new video with concept art and animation.