Will the Real Patrick Rothfuss, Please Tweet!


taylor-rothfussPatrick Rothfuss is one of the best writers working today.

And the most hilarious. And he also has not stepped foot into the smartphone era of our publishing industry!

For years, Pat had an ancient flip phone. The thing could barely text, which annoyed the hell out of me while at conventions because I had a hard time getting a hold of him. He carried it with pride, I think, pleased that he had defied such a cultural explosion of progress without thought.

Well, that time has come to an end. Pat is finally taking a step—for better or ill—in his personal evolution. He has bought a Samsung smart phone. And he has started a Twitter account! While he is known for his Facebook page and the hilarity that takes place there, Twitter is now going to be Rothfuss-ized, and now finally fans can follow him on the “other” social media network.

But Pat isn’t making this simple. No. He’s making this fun! To celebrate his arrival on Twitter, he has created six different “Pat Rothfuss” accounts and started a contest!

Here is more about the contest:

I’ve created six twitter accounts, all versions of the name “Pat Rothfuss.”

I’ve recruited 5 members of the geek glitterati. Friends who are good with words. They’re witty, wired-in, and social media savvy.

Starting today, each of them will claim one of those accounts at random and do their best to convince the world they’re the *real* Pat Rothfuss.

For the last ten days, Pat and his dopplegangers have been tweeting. It’s been great fun. There are fans who think they know who the real Pat is; there are fans who haven’t the faintest clue and can’t wait until Halloween to finally learn!

You may want to take part in this, if but to finally follow Pat on Twitter! Click HERE to learn more about the entire chaotic insanity of it!

And have fun!